The Team Approach: Strata-G, Process Engineering Associates, and Innovative Controls

The new NESHAP provisions for major source boilers and process heaters and area source boilers are complex. The provisions include numerous options that can have a significant impact on the path forward and cost of compliance. Whether to comply with the emission standards based on heat input versus steam output, or to take advantage of emission credits earned from implementing energy conservation measures identified during the required energy assessment, or to utilize the air pollution control techniques prescribed in the rule versus selecting an alternative system configuration (which requires approval by the agency), are a few examples.


Recognizing that expertise in a multitude of technical disciplines will be needed to address these and other issues in a timely and informed manner, Strata-G, Process Engineering Associates, and Innovative Controls have combined efforts to address this need. Collectively our team of professionals can offer a wide spectrum of expertise in regulatory compliance, energy management, combustion optimization, air pollution control evaluation and design, process control and monitoring, and performance testing specifically tailored to compliance with the new boiler NESHAP rules. Our engineers/consultants have collaborated on similar type projects for industrial clients with combustion systems, and our companies share a common mission to provide high quality services at very competitive rates. Also, our offices in Knoxville and Oak Ridge are in close proximity to each other, enhancing our ability to work together on multidisciplinary tasks.

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